Lizzo launches new breakfast hype on TikTok: nature’s cereal

Singer Lizzo is on TikTok and while you might expect her to promote new songs there, it’s something completely different that makes her popular on the app. Lizzo made “nature’s cereal” based on the recipe of TikTokker @natures_food and on her advice everyone is now trying the recipe.

If you suddenly see a lot of people eating fruit with coconut water while scrolling on your For You page, there is one to blame. Singer Lizzo has recommended the recipe of TikTokker @natures_food on her profile and therefore everyone wants to try it out now.

Nature’s cereal

Nature’s cereal, or nature’s cornflakes, quickly became a new craze after Lizzo tried it out. The recipe is very simple. You take your favorite fruit (pomegranate, blueberries and strawberries in Lizzo’s case), put it in a bowl and pour in coconut water. Lizzo also adds some ice cubes.

In her first TikTok about nature’s cereal, Lizzo says it is tasty. But later that same day, a second video followed in which Lizzo announced that she was addicted to the combination of fruit with coconut water. “It is so tasty. You also have to try it out. ” And that’s all Lizzo’s fans needed to try out the recipe. Many people already let them know that they are fans of nature’s cereal. Others are less enthusiastic.

Check out Lizzo’s TikTok here:


🫐🍓🥥 it’s actually really good y’all @natures_food

♬ Romantic Piano – Piano

The original recipe comes from TikTokker @natures_food:


nature’s cereal #fruit #fruits #share

♬ original sound – 🥭Fruits & Leaves🍃

Lizzo also responded to some people who tried the recipe on her recommendation:


#duet with @bretmanrock @natures_food 🤌🏾

♬ original sound – bretmanrock


#duet with @jeremyscheck I want some vegan pasta please

♬ original sound – Jeremy Scheck


#duet with @greyandmama thenk u mama 🥺

♬ Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Kate McGill


#duet with @spicekingcam not the coconut milk hahahaha and tajin 👀👀👀👀👀

♬ original sound – Spice King


#duet with @amberchardae WHAT I TELL YALL 😎

♬ original sound – Amber Chardae


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