LLD from 169 € per month for the versatile electric

Opel’s offer for the long-term rental of its electric Corsa prefers to play on a provision for 4 years rather than display an attractive price.

It is no surprise that the formula devised by the manufacturer is based on the government bonus of 7,000 euros, but also and above all on assistance to which many households cannot claim. The conversion premium of 2,500 euros requires scrapping a passenger car or light utility registered before 2011 for diesel, and before 2006 for petrol models.

Under these conditions, and after a new deduction of 306 euros which corresponds to 10,000 km of electricity offered, the contribution falls to 1,844 euros, instead of 9,150 euros.

This includes the installation at home by Zeborne (up to a limit of 312 euros) of a reinforced Green’Up Legrand domestic socket, 4 years of subscription to the Free2Move service (charging card and journey planning via ChargeMyCar application), and free of charge for the first 3 periodic interviews.

If the 48 rents would amount to 169 euros for the entry-level Corsa-e, the manufacturer is careful to specify that for the illustrative model of its offer (Elegance finish with options), the monthly payments would be 249 euros.

Over the term of the contract, the kilometer credit is 40,000 km, or 833 km per month. If that was not enough, the dealer closest to you can offer you a personalized formula, but of course not at the same price.

For comparison, the German manufacturer achieves rents of 129 euros for its Corsa petrol, with a contribution of 1,500 euros, a conversion premium of the same amount, and the same kilometer credit.

Author’s opinion

Last Tuesday, we relayed Kia’s offer for a 25-month LLD starting at 47 euros on the e-Niro. How does Opel’s electric all-rounder compare?

For the Korean SUV, by integrating the contribution of 4,000 euros into the monthly rents, we arrived at 207 euros. A quick calculation gives us exactly the same amount, to within a few tens of cents.

If the e-Niro may ultimately appear more interesting with equal monthly amounts to pay, the Corsa-e is made available for 4 years. This allows the sacrifice of an old vehicle to be amortized over twice as long. And, above all, pushes aside the obligation to find a new car.

The wording of Opel’s proposal is confusing regarding the 10,000 km of electricity offered. This “gift” of 306 euros seems to add in advantage. But it is already deducted from the intake.


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