LLDL girl must ask father’s permission to share bed

Her indecision reaches its peak when she calls Daddy during the day to ask if she can sleep in one bed with Thomas. Thomas is two meters and sleeping on the couch is not good for his night’s rest, but what Cecilia does not dare to say is that she just wants that tall guy in bed next to her. Still, Daddy has to give her permission first and so she decides to video call her mother.

Thomas first has to get a license to go to bed with Daddy’s little girl. “Daddy thinks it’s okay if he sleeps in my bed then?” Cecilia asks her mother. “Just ask your father”, is the answer. Ultimately, the redeeming answer comes. “Yes, as long as you keep your hands off each other.”

Now that Thomas has the permission he so desires, he quickly shifts to the next gear. The self-proclaimed breast and butt man has an important message for his date. “I sometimes see a woman with a butt and no breasts. That’s a sad basic package.” When Cecilia then proclaims that she is not satisfied with her buttocks, he is hard. “You should never be satisfied with yourself, because that is not good.”

The same night they share a bed (to sleep) for the first time, Cecilia celebrates her 23rd birthday. Although she has been given a bunch of beautiful red roses, there is one thing she craves more: a loving kiss. However, seeking rapprochement is something Thomas knows how to do. Since he can’t give her what she craves so much, they decide to give it Long Live the Love-to leave home.

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