Lockdown in Germany extended and tightened

In a preliminary meeting, according to information from the German Press Agency, an expert from the Max Planck Institute stated that to reduce the number of infections, “possibly” a “stay-at-home” arrangement or a limited maximum five-kilometer range of motion around the Need residence. It also makes sense to reduce the number of passengers in local public transport to a quarter of the seats.

In Germany, there is only a limited range of motion in Saxony, where the number of new infections has risen sharply in the past three months. Here, citizens are only allowed a maximum of 15 kilometers from their place of residence, for example to do sports or to go shopping. Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Left) has now proposed a corresponding regulation for Thuringia, which is also badly affected by Covid-19.

Other European countries have already gained experience with such measures. However, these were and are often combined with other restrictions – such as a night curfew – and sometimes much more stringent. For example, people in France were sometimes only allowed to go outside with good reason. For walks or sports, there was a limit of one hour per day within a maximum radius of one kilometer from your own home. In Catalonia, in northeastern Spain, it was ordered last week that people were only allowed to leave their own community for ten days with good reason, for example to go to work.

A large majority of Germans are in favor of an extension of the lockdown to contain the corona pandemic. In a survey by the opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the German Press Agency, almost two thirds of those questioned said they should continue the restrictions at least in their previous severity beyond January 10th. 41 percent are in favor of unchanged retention, a further 24 percent even for tightening. In contrast, only 17 percent are in favor of easing the lockdown and only one in ten (11 percent) is in favor of a complete lifting of all restrictions.


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