Lockdown: “It is no less controlled than in the spring”

The Interior Ministry indirectly denies these questions. Because: “The subjective perception that there is now less control than in spring is not correct. There are regular controls in the course of the regular patrol duty and also reviews of health authority quarantine requirements, “it says. Nevertheless, the Ministry of the Interior also mentions personal responsibility. “Surveillance measures that are explicitly provided for by the legislator are of course carried out by the police. Responsible compliance with the restrictions is and will remain the most sustainable measure to contain the spread of the virus, ”says department spokesman Harald Sörös to the KURIER.

The fact that there are currently fewer publicly audible requests than in the spring is due to the fact that the population is now familiar with the requirements. The resources for the controls are now used differently, one focus is on breaking up illegal parties.

How strictly in the third lockdown is actually controlled and also punished in comparison to the first two is difficult to determine on the basis of numbers. Regarding notifications and organ penal mandates under the Epidemic and Covid Measures Act, a breakdown according to “lockdowns” is not possible in terms of system technology, the Ministry of the Interior announced. There is only one total number: Since March 15 there has been

74,941 corresponding notifications or administrative penalties.

Even in the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health does not consider it to be a viable option to open the door through stricter controls. Also because the question of how strongly and strictly the controls are carried out is the responsibility of the federal states or the district administrative authorities and magistrates. The federal government can provide support if necessary or call for more control activities if it locates a specific need, but the local authorities are always responsible.


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