Logan Paul’s suicide forest video could potentially cost him $ 3 million

Logan Paul may have to cough up $ 3 million (about $ 2.4 million) in the aftermath of his infamous Suicide Forest video. In that video, Paul filmed a person who had stepped out of life and made various jokes in front of the body.

The video in the Zelfmoordbos at the end of 2017 caused a big dent in the then immaculate image of Logan Paul. The YouTuber lost followers en masse and also saw deals disappear. But now the story may still come with a very expensive price tag.

Suicide forest

Three years ago, Logan Paul posted a video on YouTube that cost him dear. In that video he paid a visit to the so-called Suicide Forest in Japan. That forest is known as a place where many people take their own lives.

After the video came out, advertisers dropped Logan Paul and also stopped production of a movie he worked on. And it’s that movie that can now cost Paul $ 3 million.

Airplane Mode

Logan Paul worked on the film in late 2017 Airplane Mode, in which he himself would play the leading role. It was a comedy in which he would play an enlarged version of himself. His brother Jake Paul and influencers Juanpa Zureta, Nick Bateman and Amanda Cerny would also appear in that film.

But when Paul shared the video from the Suicide Forest, the plug was pulled from the project. At the time, the film studio Planeless Pictures had already invested 3 million in a deal with Google. The idea was to distribute the film via the YouTube accounts of the people who played it. But the film studio has now simply lost those three million. That’s why Planeless Pictures is now taking Paul to court to pay back the $ 3 million.

In February, Logan Paul will face Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.

Anyone who has questions about suicide, or needs a conversation, can contact the Suicide Line on the free number 1813 and on the site www.zelfmoord1813.be.


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