Löger: A “rancid thumb for Strache”

“I’m not like that” – sending this message was important to ex-Finance Minister Hartwig Löger (ÖVP) in the Ibiza-U-Committee. To be involved in the “perversities of the Ibiza video”, Löger is close.

Why there are investigations against him at all with the alleged post haggling around ex-Casinos Austria board member Peter Sidlo, he attributes to his “thumbs up” message to ex-Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache. Back then, Strache wrote to Löger: “Dear Hartwig! Thank you very much for your support regarding Casinos Austria! Lg HC “.

Löger says that the news annoyed him and that he sent his thumb back according to the motto, “give a rest”. It was namely a “rancid thumb”. In any case, the “thumbs up” was not approval.

In general, he saw himself as a “mediator” in the ownership dispute between Novomatic and the Czech Sazka Group. When the news was brought to him that the owners had agreed on a third board of directors and a right to make proposals, it was good news for the ex-finance minister, because Löger hoped that the dispute could now be resolved.


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