Logistician: First Model Y from the German Tesla factory in May, series production in July / August

How up-to-date the information is for the time being remained open, but a German software entrepreneur reported interesting information on specific dates for the Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin in a Twitter message: The first prototypes are to be built there this May and start series production in July or August, @OstholtRalf wrote on Wednesday evening. A start of Giga Berlin in the summer of 2021 was always planned, but recently, for example, Brandenburg’s previously optimistic Minister of Economic Affairs did not rule out delays.

Railway information about Tesla planning

Against this background, the Twitter message from Wednesday comes as a surprise, especially since it contains the new information that prototypes of the new Tesla belts should roll out from May – the first Model Y from and later for Europe. @OstholtRalf, who owns a software company according to his profile, names Deutsche Bahn as the source for his information: They are his customer and Tesla has informed them that from May containers for prototypes and from July / August for the Start of series production are required.

The statements from the rail side were made in a zoom conversation about planning for 2021 on Wednesday, @OstholtRalf said in response to a Twitter request. According to Deutsche Bahn, Tesla had indicated that they wanted processing as paperless as possible, and in this context, he asked about the schedule for the transports. But he could not say exactly what the status of the Tesla requirements passed on by Deutsche Bahn.


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That, in turn, is of course a crucial question, because a planned start of production by Giga Berlin in July 2021 was already mentioned in the Tesla applications for last June. It is also conceivable that Tesla will first start with the planned ideal case when preparing for the train and correct its logistics deadlines later if necessary.

Further information was initially not available from @OstholtRalf even after a direct Twitter request. It is obvious that Tesla would have to hurry to actually build the first Model Y in Grünheide in May – but almost everything about the German Gigafactory project has so far been progressing at an unexpectedly high pace.

First Model Y with pre-approval?

According to information from this January, the delivery of around 200 containers with production robots from China is due from March to mid-April. Most recently, the Brandenburg State Environment Agency Tesla approved the installation of technology for painting, press shop and body construction in a further advance permit. At least for the possible production of prototypes from May onwards, Tesla would not even have to wait until the final approval process was completed: “Operational testing” is also possible with advance approval, according to an information page of the state government on the Giga project.


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