LOL Season 3: First trailer for the Prime Video hit

The third season of LOL: Last One Laughing will start soon. Amazon released the trailer for it today.

Amazon Prime Video released the first trailer for Last One Laughing: LOL Season 3 on Monday. Comedy fans can once again look forward to the original format with which Amazon Prime has already celebrated great success with the first two seasons. In the third season there is a reunion with the comedian Micro Nontschew, who died in December 2021 and had worked on the project before his death.

The third season will feature: Carolin Kebekus, Christoph Maria Herbst, Axel Stein, Palina Rojinski, Mirco Nontschew, Hazel Brugger, Abdel Karim, Michelle Hunziker, Olaf Schubert, Anke Engelke and of course Michael “Bully” Herbig will be the host again. The third season of LOL can be seen from April 14th. here at Amazon Prime Video. There are two new episodes every Thursday.

If you missed the first two seasons, you can catch up here.

The principle of “LOL: Last One Laughing”: well-known (comedy) actors are put in a room that is fully monitored by cameras and are not allowed to laugh or grimace for six hours. Laughing twice is allowed, but the third time the participant is thrown out. The winner receives 50,000 euros at the end.

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