Lonely lunch: SEAT asks unvaccinated people to eat separately

The company confirmed this to Reuters news agency.

special place

A spokesperson says that the advice, officially it is not an obligation, has already been in effect for a month. A separate place has been made for unvaccinated staff in the canteen.

With this measure, SEAT says it wants to guarantee the continuity of the company, while at the same time optimally protecting both vaccinated and unvaccinated. “The unvaccinated areas have the strictest security measures to protect their health,” the company said.

Five lonely eaters

Incidentally, there does not appear to be a terribly big problem with vaccination coverage among SEAT staff. According to the automaker, 96 percent of the workforce is vaccinated. Of the 11,000 employees, five are said to have eaten in isolation.

In any case, there is little hesitation in the Iberian Peninsula when it comes to vaccination. More than 91 percent of adults in Spain have had 1 dose. More than 84 percent are fully vaccinated, according to figures from the ECDC.

In neighboring Portugal, people absolutely love the vaccine. 99 percent of adults have had at least one shot there.

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