Long-term SUVs: which is the most reliable?

Which SUV is the most reliable?

How do VW Tiguan, Skoda Kodiaq, BMW X1 and other popular SUVs do in the endurance test over 100,000 kilometers? Here come the tops and flops!

Are our cars carefully designed and manufactured? How reliable are they in everyday life? AUTO BILD gets to the bottom of this question in the long-term test. Every defect becomes more than 100,000 kilometers, every one Glitch of a test vehicle recorded and evaluated. Defects that are not noticeable in normal use are discovered by our DEKRA experts at the latest when they are finally dismantled. Since 2014 we have been summarizing all the results of the endurance tests in a perpetual ranking. Here we have the popular vehicle segment of the SUVs picked out and in its own Ranking summarized.

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Only a few of the 18 cars in this segment that have been tested have performed really badly. So far, the Subaru XV (grade 4-) came in last, with which a whole series of problems came together (worn out clutch, Melting of pistons, corrosion of chassis parts and more). Things didn’t go much better for the Audi Q3. In the end, he had slightly fewer error points than the Subaru – due to several defects (lambda probe, exhaust gas recirculation cooler, gearbox), however, only the grade 4 remained.
At the top of the ranking was the VW Tiguan (Note 1), which had replaced the previously leading models Kia Sportage and Volvo XC60 from the top. But the Tiguan has now been surpassed by another SUV. You can find out what it is in the picture gallery.

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