Look back: which stocks and sectors will also survive after 2020?

Every year, we look forward to investments for the new year together with Bob Homan, ING’s asset manager. This year the future may be harder to predict than ever. Because how will the corona crisis develop? What will happen in America in the coming months? And what are the consequences of Brexit?

Presenter Janneke Willemse discusses Homan’s vision, who, despite all the unrest, is especially hopeful. Also this year he presents the ten shares that you must have in 2021. You can now see which shares they are on our online seminar page.

A brave new world

Homan summarizes the vision of 2021 as ‘a brave new world’, after the science-fiction classic. He expects a future in which society will again be ruled more by the government and in which technology will play an even greater role. And as an investor, you can respond smartly to that future. Even now that tech stocks are relatively expensive.

Sander van Baren also joins the studio. He is an expert in Sprinters, ING’s leveraged product. Van Baren also provides his analysis of the current and future market. Van Baren is also looking at ways to take big steps in your portfolio with the help of Sprinters. Which Sprinters are promising in the new year? But also: What are the risks of investing with leverage?

Together with Janneke, the gentlemen not only look at specific stocks and sectors, but also consider weighing them, for example. How do you ensure that your portfolio remains in balance if the market itself fluctuates a lot.

So look back at the seminar now.

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