Look up: this is the monthly premium for 2022 with your health insurer

At the big four health insurers, the premium of the most popular insurance policies will increase by 3 to 8 euros. This makes the increase slightly higher than the 2.60 euros that the cabinet took into account on Budget Day.

Outliers this year are Ditzo, where the premium increases by 13.55 euros, and Besured, which increases the monthly rate by 11.17 euros. Four health insurers increase their premium by (almost) 10 euros per month: Zekur, VGZ, UMC and Univé.

Monthly amount of health insurance reduced

There are also reducers. For example, you will pay 3 euros less per month for Salland’s basic policy next year. Zorg en Zekerheid even lowers the monthly premium by EUR 4.30.

Zilveren Kruis, the largest health insurer in the Netherlands with 3.6 million policyholders, is increasing its monthly premium by 3 euros, it announced Friday morning. At VGZ this is an increase of 8.20 euros per month, at CZ 4.90 euros and at Menzis 3.25 euros.

Cheapest of the big boys

This makes Zilveren Kruis of the big boys the cheapest at 131.45 euros per month, although the differences are small. This is followed by VGZ with 132.65 euros, Menzis with 133.25 euros and CZ with 134.50 euros per month.

Consumers have until 31 December to switch health insurers. Cancellation must be made before the end of the year. After that, a new health insurance policy must be taken out before 1 February.

More people switched because of corona

Last year, 1 million people switched health insurers. That equates to about 6 percent of all insured persons, Zorgverzekeraars Nederland reported. Because of corona, more people than usual had studied the conditions of their health care policy.

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