Looking ahead to 2022: What can investors expect?

In this closing of the better-learn-investing season, Jim Tehupuring discusses the tail of his ‘The 10 Commandments of Jim’, the basic rules of good investing. On the one hand, there is a big wink in these principles, but there is also a serious message in them. Every investor, from beginner to advanced, can derive valuable tools from this. Because when do you use which investment instruments? When do you record your sales moments?

Furthermore, stock market commentator Durk Veenstra and investment expert Jim Tehupuring close the (stock exchange) year with a look ahead to 2022. What can investors expect?

Veenstra: “We are still fully in the delta and omikron variant of the pandemic. Suppose we see next year that we can quickly put the pandemic behind us, then that will be good for the economy and the stock market.”

Tehupuring: “Last year the economy advanced. It recovered at a much faster rate than expected from corona. If this trend continues and the economy continues to accelerate, then that will be beneficial for the stock markets.

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The RTL Z Beursspel is finished. In the spring we will be back with a new edition. Keep an eye on the website for the exact start date.

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