Looking back: 2021 from A to Z, about the themes of the past year

The year of the hack

With tech journalist Daniel Verlaan we dive into the shadowy world of cyber attacks. Mediamarkt, Colonial, VDL and yes, even RTL Nederland fell victim to a ransomware hack. Due to a small carelessness of a home worker, large companies can be shut down for days or weeks. Is there anything that can be done about it?

The year of the housing crisis

Build, build, build. Will that solve the housing shortage? No, says financial journalist and stock market commentator Hans de Geus. The real solution is going to hurt homeowners and wealthy Dutch people. Will the new cabinet dare to do that?

The year of the chip shortage

From game computers to toothbrushes and from cars to smartphones. Even electronic cigarettes cannot do without chips. But there is a big shortage of those chips. Prices are going through the roof. Who wins, who loses? stock commentator Durk Veenstra follows the chip sector closely.

The year of the pandemic

RTLZ anchor Roland Koopman saw every corona press conference. In 2021, from A to Z, he will share his views on the usefulness and effectiveness of those press conferences. He also wonders how long the government should continue to support companies and entrepreneurs with subsidy schemes. Are they doing more harm than good?

The year of the unrest in The Hague

It was chaos in The Hague, the past political year. The elections in corona time, the chaotic exploration, the messy formation. Yet Mark Rutte did not get a ‘position elsewhere’, but will become prime minister of his fourth cabinet early next year. Of Frits Wester we discuss how he managed to do that.

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