Looking back at the autumn edition of the RTL Z Beursspel

Would you like to do something with investing, but the threshold is just too high, because you haven’t eaten anything yet? Or is something else holding you back? Over the past few weeks, Janneke Willemse, Jim Tehupuring and Durk Veenstra have tried to remove as many questions as possible from you.

This broadcast revolves around the winner of the Beursspel, Theo Clemens from Almere. What was his strategy? How much return has he managed to invest together, virtually?

Jim Tehupuring also tells you about the stock market and specifically about the actions that the US central bank Federal Reserve is planning to take. Something that influences the international stock market. With her weekly item ‘Investing for Beginners’, investment expert Janneke Willemse examines how it is possible that putting money in a savings account does not make you richer, but rather poorer. And trade fair commentator Durk Veenstra? He discusses the classic: ‘Sustainability is essential.’

Open an investment portfolio to practice with? Click here.

The RTL Z Beursspel is finished. In the spring we will be back with a new edition. Keep an eye on the website for the exact start date.

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