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Los Angeles has built a tiny house settlement for the homeless

A once-forgotten corner in North Hollywood, California has received a colorful makeover to house the homeless population of Los Angeles with prefabricated tiny houses.

The manufacturing process of a prefabricated house in a factory or warehouse is more economical, environmentally friendly and faster than building a traditional house. As a result, pre-built units are increasingly seen as a potential solution to both the inaccessible US housing market and the homeless crisis caused by natural disasters or personal misfortunes.

Several US companies are already building prefabricated tiny houses to accommodate homeless people. Washington-based Pallet also manufactures residential units that can be set up in just 30 minutes. Pallet’s tiny houses are now in use across the country. This is also the case in the new Chandler Boulevard Bridge Home Village in Los Angeles, a community with 39 tiny houses that is supposed to alleviate the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.

Here you can take a virtual tour of the village, which was designed by Lehrer Architects and the city’s Bureau of Engineering.

This is what the village of tiny houses in Los Angeles looks like


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