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Lose Weight During Lockdown With These Remarkable Tips

On average, people gained 2 kilos during the lockdown. That is losing weight, nothing to be ashamed of. With a tummy it is less pleasant to look in a mirror after a shower than with a healthy body. Determine your diet yourself, but do not forget this surprising one tips and tricks not, all based on scientific research.

Of course everything starts with movement. For example, just read here what the power of walking is. You read very less obvious tips, supported by research.

Just knowing what is wrong will not get you there. In addition to eating healthy, exercising regularly and not drinking too much beer, you will find more surprising tips here. Get that blue plate.

Lose weight with vitamin D.

Vitamin D not only helps your body absorb calcium and regulate your immune system, it can also help you lose weight. Research shows that the pounds come off faster if you add vitamin D to a low-calorie diet. Another study shows that vitamin D helps with faster fat burning. Win win.

Eat from blue plates …

… Turn around, clap your hands and hopla, the weight loss is automatic. No of course not. We can imagine that you are looking at us strangely when we talk about blue signs, but from a study published in Contact it really turns out that you eat less from a blue plate. “Blue colors make food look less attractive, while warmer colors, especially yellows, have the opposite effect,” said Professor Val Jones.

A picture of a blue plate that aids weight loss

Eat dessert for breakfast

Another interesting study that will probably do you good. A study by Tel Aviv University among a group of overweight people showed that half who ate a ‘600 calorie breakfast’ lost more pounds than half who avoided sweets like chocolate cake. The scientists concluded that the people who started breakfast with dessert were able to burn more of those extra calories naturally throughout the day. In addition, they were better able to control their desires later in the day. If it doesn’t work, don’t knock on our door, but at Tel Aviv University.

Eat chocolate now and then

Speaking of dessert, feel free to have chocolate if you want to lose weight. That is, if you rely on a study published in Archives of Internal Medicine, showing that people who regularly eat chocolate are slimmer. Be aware that, according to the researchers, this only applies to chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa. Yes, those are some tips and tricks, right?

Eating a picture of chocolate for weight loss

Stop peeling your apples

Just eat your apple with the skin on. More convenient, less work and it helps during weight loss. In 2012, scientists in this study discovered that ursolic acid, a natural compound in apple peel, helps prevent obesity. Ursolic acid is also found in black currants, cranberries, basil, thyme, rosemary, mint and a number of other fruits and herbs.

Lose weight by drinking coffee

Coffee not only helps for more energy, but is also a great food product for weight loss. This is evident from this research. Much more has already been written about it.

Do not watch commercials

Many don’t like to watch commercials, yet you do. Tip: do not watch commercials about food and drink if you want to lose weight, even if you think so hard that you are not sensitive to it. Scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute found that they can activate your brain, making you crave the sweet or fatty foods you see on your screen soon after.

A photo of a drink that is handed over on the TV

Spinach extract

If you don’t like spinach, there is still a reason to add it in powder form to your daily routine. From a 2014 study published in Appetite, it appears that adding just 5 grams of spinach extract daily could reduce your cravings for sweet and fat by 95 percent.

Chewing gum = losing weight

Another study published in Appetite. Scientists determined in 2011 that people feel fuller and less appetite in the 45 minutes after chewing gum. It is not good to chew gum all day, but it can be useful before a meal if you want to lose weight, according to the research.

A picture of chewing gum, which helps with weight loss

Wear vanilla perfume

We’ve never heard of it, but if you stumble across a bottle of vanilla perfume, it’s worth a try. For a study at St. George’s Hospital in London, several groups of people were put on patches with vanilla scent, lemon scent, a placebo and no patches at all. After four weeks, the group with the vanilla scent was the easiest to say no to high-calorie sweets.

Dim your lights and music

From a study published in Psychological Reports: Human Resources & Marketing It appears that people who eat in environments with soft lighting and music consume fewer calories than people who eat in brightly lit and loud environments. So turn out the lights and turn any meal into a romantic occasion.

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Lose Weight During Lockdown With These Remarkable Tips


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