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Lose weight: These eight purchases will help you


are thousands of pills, shakes and apps that promise to help you lose weight
– and you usually have to dig deep into your pocket for this. But many
these offers are either unhealthy, based on questionable ones
Weight loss concepts or just don’t work.

is it best to lose weight?

Losing weight is not that complicated. The simple formula for success is: the daily energy consumption should be higher than the daily energy intake. This means that you should be consuming fewer calories per day than you are consuming. So that you succeed (and you can save money on ineffective miracle drugs such as diet pills or shakes), we have looked for eight parts that actually support your weight loss plans.

that help you lose weight

Lose weight
= eat less and exercise more. The following eight things will help you:

1. Meal diary

“Just do it” 12 weeks diet & fitness diary by Sophie Heisenberg – 9.85 euros on Amazon *

In order to
you always have an overview of how many calories you eat daily
(this is how the daily basal metabolic rate is calculated: 1 kilocalorie per kilogram
Body weight per hour, e.g. 70 kilograms x 24 hours = 1,680
Kilocalories), you write down your meals in a food diary in the future.

2. Meal prep cans

Good for You – glass storage jars (four pieces) – 34.99 euros at Amazon *

Because you can never know for sure whether your lunch in the canteen is a secret calorie bomb, from now on Meal Prep will be operated with these cans.

3. Smoothie maker

Chefavor – portable mini blender (450 ml) – 31.44 euros at Amazon *

Instead of
with the sandwich from the bakery you start now with a fresh,
homemade and low-calorie smoothie for the day.

There are even more mixers here: The best mixers for smoothies and shakes
And here you can find our favorite shake for weight loss: With this diet shake you will reach your desired weight

4th Bluetooth headphones

JBL – In-ear Bluetooth headphones Endurance Dive Sport – 70.71 euros at Media Markt *

Scientists agree that music helps you exercise more effectively. That’s why you get Bluetooth headphones so that you can perform at your best while exercising and let energy consumption soar.

There are even more Bluetooth headphones here: The best wireless headphones

5. Water bottle

Arteesol – stainless steel drinking bottle – from 17.99 euros on Amazon *

Drinking plenty of water will help burn calories. Nutrition researchers have also confirmed this. Therefore, from now on you only leave the house with your new water bottle.

There are even more water bottles here: 5 water bottles for people who don’t drink enough

6th Fitness tracker

Fitbit – Versa Lite Smartwatch – 89.99 euros at Otto *

So that you always know exactly how many calories you have already consumed or still need to consume, a new fitness tracker now adorns your wrist.

7th Sleep aids

“From today I sleep really well” by Kim Fleckenstein – 14.99 euros at Thalia *

Too little sleep makes diets superfluous, because if you don’t get enough rest, you won’t lose weight either – according to a study. Therefore, you should make sure that you get enough sleep. This book, for example, helps with sleep exercises.

There are even more sleep aids here: 6 things that will make you sleep better immediately

8th. Oil sprayer

Hukz – oil sprayer made of stainless steel – 10.99 euros at Amazon *

The easiest way to save calories is to use low-fat cooking. The
means: Less oil equals fewer calories. You can dose oil more easily
henceforth with an oil sprayer.

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