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Had she deposited $ 19,000 or $ 1,000? A customer who claimed to have put no less than nineteen quills in an ING machine only received a statement for a thousand. She goes to the Kifid complaints institute, but because the machine shows no cash difference, she can whistle for her fortune.

The importance of including a probationary period and any early termination clause in a contract is once again painfully clear. A water sports center had hired an event manager, but he could not do anything due to corona. Still, he is entitled to the salary of his entire contract, the judge ruled.

Our own wallet also keeps us busy. Will mortgage interest rates rise again after a new race to the bottom? It looks like it very carefully.

If you buy a house, it is best to include a financing reservation in the offer. But beware, this must meet requirements. A couple who thought they could get out of a purchase contract with a simple email, must pay a fine of 10% of the purchase price. With legal costs over € 70,000.

Great for those who are about to retire and would like to take up 10% of their retirement provision at once: this is also allowed in February of the year after retirement. This can prevent a very annoying tax bill.

It is time again to delve into health insurance for 2021. All insurers have announced their policies and prices. And almost everything will become more expensive.

We are also concerned about the economy. Restructuring experts predict a tidal wave of bankruptcies in the spring.

Do you already have stuck shoulders from all that working from home? Unfortunately, if you want to take out additional insurance for unlimited physiotherapy, it will be almost twice as expensive next year.

There was also good news. ING economists believe that the Netherlands can get out of the recession sooner than expected. By mid-2022, the damage from the crisis may have already been made good, perhaps even earlier.

But for the time being, many entrepreneurs still have to turn to the UWV for emergency support to keep their heads above water.


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