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Losing weight: This is what Jennifer Garner’s six-pack training program feels like

Day 3 and 4: I continue with abdominal and lower body exercises. Boxing the next day is a real challenge.

On the third day, to protect my arms, I concentrated my training on the lower half of my body.

Judging from the videos on Jennifer Garner’s Instagram account, many of her lower body exercises aim to train balance and improve agility and flexibility. So it’s less about building up leg muscles.

To emulate her lower body workout, I did three sets of 15 skater jumps, one-leg jumps, curtsy squats and jump squats. I was done with it relatively quickly.

For the abdominal muscle training, I then performed so-called Russian twists with a 4.5 kg medicine ball. Then came situps with the medicine ball (because of my sore muscles it was really uncomfortable), mutual Wonder Woman poses, as well as heel taps, side crunches and side planks.

When I finally finished the exercises, I was totally exhausted. For relaxation, I lay down in the yoga position “posture of the child” for 20 minutes.

On the fourth day of my experiment I did a second boxing session. But that totally frustrated me. The trainer was more demanding than the previous one and he let us do many exercises in pairs.

My training partner was then much better than me and I had to use all my arm strength so that I could hold the punching bag at a 45-degree angle and squat while hitting the punching bag.

Interval training also seemed harder than usual. My muscles burned when the trainer let us do abdominal exercises for 15 minutes. These included Russian twists, bicycles, medicine ball situps, planks and heel taps.

I was so exhausted that I could only do half of the exercises. I was really embarrassed and after the lesson I felt disappointed.

Lara Walsh for Insider


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