Lost actress Mira Furlan passed away at the age of 65

Croatian actress and singer Mira Furlan passed away last Wednesday. That was announced on her own Twitter account. Furlan is best known for her roles in Babylon 5 and Lost. She was 65 years old.

Mira Furlan was born in 1955 in Zagreb, which was then still in the former Yugoslavia. As a child she soon developed an interest in music and acting, which led her to study at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.

After her studies she was a member of the National Croatian Theater with which she did many performances in both Zagreb and Belgrade. In addition, she was also seen in the film Otac na službenom putu (When Dad Was On A Business Trip), who won the Golden Palm at the 1985 Cannes Film Festival.

Flights to New York

Also during the Croatian War of Independence in 1991, Furlan continued to perform in the Belgrade theater. This caused her so much criticism that she fled to New York with her husband, Serbian director Goran Gajić.

There, Mira Furlan got a role in 1993 as Delenn in the science fiction series Babylon 5. She would fulfill that role for five years. In 2004 Furlan was seen as the mysterious Frenchwoman Danielle Rousseau is the successful series Lost.

It would take until 2002 before Furlan returned to her hometown. She did this to play the lead role in the theater production Medea. Yet she always lived in New York, a city she says she fell in love with.

Passed away

It is also there that she passed away last Wednesday at the age of 65. The exact cause of death is unknown. It does seem that Mira Furlan has been ill for some time. Babylon 5maker J. Michael Straczynski tweeted after her death that he kept hoping for improvement.



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