‘Love Island’ winner Denzel is now together with singer Famke Louise

There are striking rumors about Denzel, who was the first season of last year Love Island won. He would now be together with the Dutch rap star and singer Famke Louise. The two spent Christmas together in a romantic location.

Denzel and Aleksandra announced in October this year that they had ended their relationship. In 2019 they were the first winners of the Flemish / Dutch version of Love Island. Since then, the two are single again, although Denzel seems to have found someone else already.

Denzel and Aleksandra

Up the course of Denzel and Aleksandra Love Island was anything but easy. For example, Denzel was even voted home halfway through the season. But when the viewers saw how much Aleksandra missed him, he returned not much later.

After Denzel’s return, love was greater than ever and they also won the program at the end of the season. But just over a year later, the couple announced that they were breaking up as friends. There was no quarrel leading up to their breakup, but they found that they “no longer fit together”.

Famke Louise

Meanwhile, Denzel seems to have found love again and the lucky one is no stranger. It is about the Dutch rap star and singer Famke Louise, known for hits like To Me Monnie and Pious. Denzel and Famke Louise spent Christmas with a couple friends, of which Denzel shared some photos on Instagram. Those pictures showed him sitting in a jacuzzi with Famke while romantic candles were burning in the room.

Famke Louise came to the attention this summer because she took part in the # ikdoenietmeermee action. In doing so, she called together with other well-known Dutch people to no longer follow the corona measures. A few days later she returned to her words.


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