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“Love Sarah”: Only the pastries convince | Movie

Come to London where Sarah is cycling towards her dream: opening a bakery shop in the trendy neighborhood of Notting Hill. But along the way, a fatal traffic accident takes her life. Her grieving daughter Clarissa, d’r grumpy mother Mimi and best friend Isabella nevertheless decide to make Sarah’s dream come true. With combined forces they open the pastry shop called “Love Sarah”. But … where are the customers?


A dull and rippling story unfolds that is mainly based on the eye-catching design. Notting Hill looks cozy, the bakery has an atmosphere of sweet pastries and the pastries – specially made by chef Yotam Ottolenghi for the film – look delicious. Still wants the heart of it Love Sarah nowhere really make sense. It is never clear what made the accidental Sarah such a special woman. Daughter, mother and girlfriend hardly have any chemistry. And an old flame that sets itself up as the new master baker is brought in for the much-needed romance.

The film only gets some color on the cheeks when Mimi proposes making world pastries that should lure multicultural London to the pastry shop. And damn, the Portuguese pastel de nata, the French macarons and kringle bread from Latvia fill the bakery shop. The viewer has probably already dropped out disappointed. Because who with Love Sarah hoped for an irresistible treat, is served a very dry biscuit.

✭✭✩ (2.5 out of 5)


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