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Lubach is going for a world hit with Trump vlog from White House

The question is not if, but when Sunday with Lubach goes viral with a hilarious vlog from the White House. In an “official message” Donald Trump said that Joe Biden is not welcome in the White House.

When Donald Trump was just elected president four years ago, Arjen Lubach went viral worldwide with a parody of the acquaintance video “America First”. The video in which the Netherlands is introduced in a Trumpian way even reached the American news channels. Now his program has another potential worldwide hit.

Official message from Donald Trump to Joe Biden

You will have noticed that Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the US presidential election 2020. And certainly not that Donald Trump does not accept his loss and is making quite a fuss about it. You wonder: how are things going in the White House now? How will that transfer take place? Well, there has Sunday Lubach of course answer.

When George H.W. Bush left the White House, he left a note for his successor Bill Clinton. “You are our president if you read this. I wish you the best ”, the Republican wrote at the time. You don’t need Lubach to understand that on January 20, 2021, when the official handover between Trump and Biden takes place, things will be less friendly. To visualize how the still sitting president is preparing for this.

White House vlog

In the sketch, Donald Trump gives his followers a tour of the White House, which is his and no one else’s. In his vlog he guides you through the setting from which he has amazed the world with his statements and behavior for four years. The president shows his social media room, with a gold toilet roll holder. His hairspray. The phones he can use to call world leaders. And so it continues.

The introduction to the item is subtitled, the performance is hilarious, the timing perfect. Clearly: Sunday with Lubach will probably just go around the world again with this Trump vlog, just like four years ago. Also watch the video from that time: America First – The Netherlands Second.

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Lubach is going for a world hit with Trump vlog from White House


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