Luca app deletes user data and starts payment service

The Luca app launches its own payment service for the catering industry and deletes all user data collected during the pandemic.

As the operator of the Luca app announced today, the company has deleted all user data collected from users in connection with the corona pandemic. The data was collected by the app for contact tracing and stored in encrypted form on the operator’s servers. As the company emphasizes, the movement data is now only stored locally on the users’ smartphones. The app operator has no access to it.

New payment service Luca Pay launched

At the same time as the large-scale data deletion, the new payment service Luca Pay is also starting an early test phase today. The service can now be used in selected restaurants in Berlin, Hamburg and Rostock. Customers can make cashless payments here using the Luca app on their smartphone. To do this, they simply scan a QR code and use it to pay their bill. Basic fees are not due. According to the operators, transactions for service providers and restaurants are below those of the competition. Users can also tip via the app. Table reservations should also be possible in the course of the year. Luca Pay should be available throughout Germany by the end of June 2022.

Luca is planning further digital services

“In just three months, we developed Luca Pay, a new product with which we are making the customer experience in the catering industry more digital and efficient. With Luca Pay, guests and service employees save valuable time with every payment process. Other digital services are in development and will follow soon. Our goal is the complete digitization of the customer journey from reservation to ordering to payment and beyond Germany,”

says Luca CEO Patrick Hennig.

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