Lucid boss gets involved as a hardware partner for autonomy software from Apple

With the luxury electric car Air from his new employer Lucid Motors, Peter Rawlinson wants to outdo himself – and with it at least an earlier Tesla, because he was chief engineer for the Model S until shortly after its start of production in the summer of 2012. In fact, the Lucid Air delivers in its top version a close race even with the Model S Plaid +, which Tesla presented in January. In his opinion, Lucid has the best electric car technology in the world, Rawlinson said immodestly in an interview. But he was referring to the hardware part without autonomous driving – with a view to software, Rawlinson was the ideal partner for other companies.

Lucid electric car with Apple software?

The Lucid CEO and Chief Technology Officer did not name any names, but only described Lucid as the “perfect platform for every large company from Silicon Valley that wants to prove its software for autonomous driving”. But observers immediately tipped off Apple as their preferred partner or perhaps more: Rawlinson almost blabbered in the TV interview, and Lucid is full of former Apple employees and is being advised by others.

Apple, on the other hand, is widely reported that the company is pursuing its electric car plans, which were first announced years ago. Talks about a realization with Hyundai and Nissan are said to have failed recently due to brand issues at an early stage. In addition, according to reports, it has not yet been decided whether Apple actually wants to build its own electric car or just supply software for it.


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For this second variant, Lucid boss Rawlinson seems to be in position or to have already done so. With his entry into the premium class, before a cheaper electric car is to follow, he is pursuing the same strategy as Tesla before. Unlike his previous employer, however, he is relatively modest when it comes to autonomy plans. In the interview, he praised his own electric car hardware, but said about software that the pragmatist in him advises a partnership. With full connectivity and Ethernet cabling through the entire vehicle, the Lucid Air offers the best prerequisites for this.


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