Lufthansa cuts long-haul capacities – Austrian Aviation Net

Airline uses smaller aircraft on 20 connections.

Probably because of the continued tense global corona situation, Lufthansa is reducing its intercontinental service. As can be seen from flight plan data, smaller aircraft are now being used on many long-haul connections from Frankfurt. According to AviationNetOnline calculations, the airline is reducing its offer by around 28.6 percent.

20 long-haul connections from the Hessian metropolis are affected. The fewest losses are on the flights to Beijing and San Francisco. Here the changeover is made from an A340-600 to an A340-300 – i.e. from 297 to 279 passengers each. That is about 6.1 percent less. The largest percentage losses, however, are shared by seven routes: on the flights to Boston, Denver, Dubai, Mumbai, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington-Dulles, more than a third of the capacity is lost (change from 747-400 to A330-300).

The connection to New-York-JFK airport occupies a special position in this overview: one of two daily flights is canceled, on the other an A330-300 is used instead of a 747-8 – so only 236 passengers can fly instead of 356 (minus 33.7 percent). 18 long-haul routes from Frankfurt and Munich are still not served.


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