Lufthansa flight school: Clarification during the Corona break

Internal investigation report probably only at the end of the year.

The investigation of serious allegations against the Lufthansa flight school in Bremen is expected to be delayed until the end of the year. Because of the corona pandemic, the training facility of the subsidiary European Flight Academy (EFA) was closed until August and the announced investigation report could only be continued in autumn, a spokesman for Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) told our editorial team. Ex-LAT boss Ola Hansson announced the internal investigation report in an interview with AviationNetOnline for March.

At the end of last year, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” had made serious allegations against the commercial aviation school in Bremen and reported “humiliating” rituals of admission. According to this, newcomers were forced to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and were subsequently physically degraded. Failure to follow the tasks would have resulted in bullying. The company initially denied the events.


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