Lufthansa saved, ground service providers not: 10,000 jobs at risk


After the state saved Lufthansa from bankruptcy with more than two billion euros, the federal and state governments are currently negotiating to save the airports. The federal government is planning to support the federal states in saving their airports with half a billion euros, as the “Handelsblatt” reports.

However, a large group of workers has so far been forgotten about the planned aid: the private ground handling service providers at airports have not yet received any support. That is why the employers’ association of ground handling service providers in the aviation sector (ABL) is now sounding the alarm. The ABL chairman Thomas Richter warns: “A large part of the around 10,000 jobs is in danger if there are no commitments for immediate measures on the part of the federal government and the states.” Corona-related, several thousand jobs have already had to be cut Branch.

Around 37,000 people are employed by private ground service providers throughout Germany. They handle the baggage, load and unload, de-ice and refuel the aircraft, work as security personnel and in the check-in. Obviously it doesn’t work without them. Nevertheless, companies like Wisag, Acciona, or Aviapartner do not receive any immediate aid.

The reason: They hardly have a lobby and are not as visible as the airports and major airlines, explains an industry expert,

The problem: As with airports, private ground handling companies also incur reserve costs for
Equipment, rentals, personnel and insurance. The crux of the matter: As an industry insider explains, airports require ground service providers to keep these resources ready for use at all times, so that they can be able to work at any time when flight operations increase. However, the ground service providers are paid by the airlines – and the airlines are currently hardly booking their services.

In other words: the ground service providers have high running costs, but no income. “You can no longer do this on your own. The private service providers – just like airport companies and airlines – need financial support, ”said the chairman
of the OJ He therefore demands reimbursement of the necessary provision costs so that a functioning infrastructure at airports can be ensured at all times.

A functioning infrastructure is systemically important

The ground handling service providers are systemically relevant, also for the quick provision of a vaccine against Covid-19. “A functioning air transport system is an essential prerequisite for the transport of tests and vaccines on a large scale,” says Richter.

According to Richter, without the financial aid, there would be a “collapse of the system-relevant infrastructure at airports.”


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