Lukaku thinks Belgians have become more versatile

Belgium has learned from the past and can now play football in various ways. That says striker Romelu Lukaku, who qualified with his team on Wednesday evening at the expense of Denmark for the final tournament of the Nations League.

“In the meantime we can play in different ways. There are matches where we can play other teams off the mat, but this is also a way. If it doesn’t work out, you have to play more aggressively. , who scored two goals himself.

“We have so many offensive players who can make a difference. That development is good. We must not lose our identity as a football team.”

In Leuven, the Danes were defeated 4-2. During the first edition of the Nations League, it went wrong in the last game of the Nations League, against Switzerland. At the end of 2018, the Belgians lost 5-2, after a 2-0 lead.

Lukaku thus scored two goals in Leuven. “I didn’t score against England because I only trained once with the group, it’s a matter of sharpness. Now I was able to work on sharpness and strength for a few days and I felt that during the match. I think I’m back now. am up to standard. “

The Nations League final tournament will take place at the end of next year. “The countries have done everything to qualify and that shows that the tournament is slowly growing into a top tournament,” said Belgian national coach Roberto Martínez. “It was a tough decision to replace the friendly matches, but it is fantastic for the fans and for everyone who has anything to do with the Red Devils. It will be a top tournament and details will decide the result.”

The Nations League final is not until October 2021. UEFA has yet to officially announce the host country for the final round. It is likely that Italy, which together with the Netherlands and Poland, submitted a candidate for the organization of the final tournament in September.

Besides the Belgians, Italy, France and Spain are also participating. Last year the title went to Portugal.


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