Lupo with 900 hp and more: 10 VW highlights of the PS Days

Highlights upon highlights at the PS Days! 100 project vehicles from well-known companies such as Levella, Sonax, VW, JP Performance and more. As well as 400 privately owned cars, lovingly staged in two halls. We were spoiled for choice and have selected our ten VW highlights for you. In addition to a lot of horsepower, blatant looks and real legends, there are of course absolutely unique pieces! And before anyone complains: The highlights from BMW, Opel, Mercedes and from the JDM area will follow!

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PS Days 2022: 10 VW highlights

VW Golf R32: a Volkswagen legend

A legend in the history of VW. The first R model: The Golf 4 R32. Of course, this icon should not be missing at a tuning fair. We found the gem in the Community Garage. Classically painted in deep blue and with the typical multi-spoke rims. Lowered, of course.

But otherwise the R32 is optically largely standard. That doesn’t harm the VW. Because it is and will remain a beautiful, timeless car. And that makes it one of the highlights for us. Precisely because it is so close to the original.

VW T3: Fresh classic with V6

The VW T3 is now a popular classic. But this Bulli from 1988 contains a good piece of the late 90s: the V6 2.7 liter biturbo engine from the Audi S4 B5. This means that the oldie delivers a whopping 400 hp with a maximum torque of 600 Nm. In addition, there is a lowering (VA: 60mm, RA: 55mm) and classic BBS Le Mans rims, which have been damn expensive for a long time.

This VW T3 is hard to see what elemental power slumbers under the loading floor. The V6 squeezes 400 hp out of an S4 B5.

VW Corrado: perfection in the details

In the same hands for twenty years, this 1990 VW Corrado has seen some visual changes. According to Halter, the current conversion cost a good 40,000 euros. The overall package is harmonious: Everything is kept in dark gray and black tones. Black painted Porsche sweeps. Many carbon details, such as the door sills or even the glove compartment.

The VW oldie drives with a bored three-liter VR6 naturally aspirated engine. The power is estimated at 200 hp. Nowadays maybe no more announcement. But with this vehicle, it was all about perfection in the details.

VW Bora Variant R32: the technology beast

Not much is original on this VW Bora Variant. Terrible? No! The list of all modifications and innovations would be much too long. The highlights include air suspension, 19-inch rims and a lot of decor from the Golf R32, especially in the trunk: GRP extension, 23-inch television, twelve subwoofers and a PlayStation 4!

Unassuming on the outside, full of screens on the inside. There’s even a PlayStation in the trunk of this Bora.

The combination of a dark purple paint (velvet violet from Audi Exclusive) and the very light interior with black applications immediately catches the eye. The Bora Variant is only approved as a two-seater because the back seat is occupied by an air tank with copper pipes for the AirRide.

VW Derby CL: a rare sight

Unlike the Golf, Beetle and Corrado, the VW Derby is rarely represented in tuned vehicles. That makes him special! And the first models of the Derby will be 50 years old in a few years (2027)!
Except for the apron on the front, the body looks quite untouched. However, the rims and the proximity of the vehicle to the road are not as original. The rarity of the vehicle at tuning meetings and fairs and the leaked condition definitely make it a highlight.

VW Lupo: the prime example of a sleeper

Seen from the front, this VW Lupo is a really unobtrusive small car. But the little one quickly reveals itself to be a real sleeper – in the place where the trunk is normally located, the fat engine catches your eye when you open the flap.

The exhaust gases find their way through the trunk lid, and only excess boost pressure comes out below.

We’re letting the cat out of the bag: this small car has a turbocharged VR6 engine. The exhaust gases disappear directly through a hole in the tailgate. In order to give the engine the necessary space, the wheelbase was lengthened somewhat. The power Lupo is said to bring 900 hp onto the road.

VW Beetle: Everything is XXL here

Of course, a Beetle should not be missing from the VW highlights. This special specimen not only stands out due to its eye-catching paintwork and the special widening, the retro VW also has a lot to offer in the interior.

Metal seats in the front and a cage in the back. On the rear axle, the Wolfsburg was given a pushrod suspension. A huge spoiler adorns the rear end of the wild beetle.

VW Golf 5: a disco on four wheels

What looks like a Golf for the race track is actually a rather unassuming GTD. The eye-catching foiling, huge rear wing, powerful widening with thick 19-inch tires and an R32 exhaust system are not everything: this Golf has an absurdly large music system!

The heart of this Golf 5 is not its engine, but the 76,000 watt music system in the trunk.

18 loudspeakers with a total of 76,000 watts set the tone here. The music system weighs 1,000 kilograms, and the body has been specially reinforced for this purpose.

VW bus + trailer: Camping meets tuning

Camping is experiencing a boom, including in tuning. Whether with a mobile home or a trailer, the options are many. But this example is special, because instead of a kitchen in the interior, a lounge awaits its guests, and the trailer in the T4 design leans on its towing vehicle. And if you want to sleep in it, the sofa corner in the trailer can be converted into a 220 x 145 cm bed in no time at all.

VW Polo: small car with a rally look

A rally vehicle with air suspension – not possible? In this case yes. Whereby this VW Polo is more likely to have a rally look. The rims are reminiscent of the aero rims of earlier racing models, and the four additional headlights underline the racing look.

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PS Days 2022: 10 VW highlights

Under the large diffuser at the rear is a single-flow exhaust system with twin tailpipes. The eye-catching stripe foiling and the “Sponsoren” stickers make the racing look perfect.

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