Luqa: Malta Air terminates a third of its flying staff

According to the company statement, Paycuts should have been refused.

Around 60 pilots and flight attendants from Malta Air will lose their jobs. Affected first the home base at Luqa Airport, which is not the largest base of the Lauda group sister. The layoffs are expected to be announced in June 2020, according to the Times of Malta, which relies on an employee newsletter.

The daily quotes the management that “there is an inevitable need for redundancies to survive the COVID-19 crisis”. The approximately 60 layoffs therefore correspond to a third of the flying staff stationed at Luqa Airport. Previously, from the management’s point of view, negotiations on “reasonable wage cuts” had failed and were rejected by employees and their unions. According to the Times of Malta, the notice period is only one month, the last day of employment is June 30, 2020.

“Because of COVID19, we are facing a traffic decline of up to 50 percent this year. We are doing our utmost to save jobs. We have agreed with our pilots wage cuts that are sufficient to avoid this. Job losses are tragic, but our cabin crew has so far not accepted our salary proposals, which means that job losses for up to 40 cabin crews are now inevitable, “Malta Air told the Times of Malta newspaper.” The goal is to agree on efficiency improvements that reduce the need for job losses or could eliminate “.

Malta Air is widely suspected of not being majority-owned by Ryanair. The so-called “golden share” and thus the majority is held by the Maltese state. The participation is under the administration of the Ministry of Tourism. However, this did not want to comment on the current situation at Malta Air.


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