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Most beautiful travel memory

“Bali, 2007. My father had passed away in December the year before and my mother took me and my sisters to Bali to recover. We stayed at the Conrad Bali for 2.5 weeks. It was the first time that we went to such a country together. Our family vacations have always been to Southern Europe. Waking up every day to the sound of the sea, the warmth of the sun and the question of which one fresh juice we wanted for breakfast made for a magical reset. It brought the mental peace that we so longed for. ”


“I’ve been to Turkey twice and disappointed both times. The first time was with a group of friends and it was too hot, no air conditioning in the hotel, drunken tourists at the bar. The atmosphere was grim and there was nowhere to cool off. The second time was to a “luxury” hotel in Turkey where you are now a lot influencers sees land. Only Dutch people and all of them enjoy the buffet, which was really good by the way. Officially a five-star hotel, but I thought that was totally wrong. ”

Lost suitcases

“In Spain I had to wait a week for my bags and got them a few days before I left again. I also had to pick up the luggage myself at the airport … ”

Ultimate gadget

“My Fjällräven backpack with a special compartment for your laptop. Super handy with quick removal at airport security. ”


“In 2013 I was in Thailand with a friend. It was just out with my boyfriend so we felt like going to a lot of parties. We went to a rooftop bar, met a bunch of Australians, and got home around eight the next morning. An evening never to be forgotten. ”

Always with you

“Sunscreen factor 50, a book and Vladimir (my hug).”

Still want …

French Polynesia, Australia, South America, Japan. Too much.”

Best Travel Advice

“Pack your suitcase with different bags: for your dirty laundry, jewelery, tops, trousers. This way you can find everything quickly and it remains clear. Fold your clothes in Marie Kondo style, so you get a lot more with it. ”


“I was born and raised in Luxembourg, a destination forgotten by the Dutch. Have a drink on a terrace on the Place d’Armes, walk or hike the Mullerthal trail (over 110 kilometers) and visit the fairytale castles. ”

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