Luxembourg is the first country to offer free public transport

All public transport in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is free from today. This gives the country a worldwide first. By making the train, tram and bus free, Luxembourg hopes to reduce traffic jams and improve the environment.

Luxembourg is one of the countries with the most traffic jams worldwide. It is also the country in the European Union with the most cars per inhabitant. Traffic congestion is particularly serious in the capital Luxembourg.

Quality of life in cities deteriorates

“The system of the last century no longer functions. Traffic jams are causing the quality of life in cities to deteriorate, ”explains mobility minister François Bausch in The Independent. “Mobility is one of the major challenges of the 21st century.”

Public transport tickets currently generate around 41 million euros a year. The government now accounts for that amount. In addition, they will also allocate 4 billion euros to improve bus, tram and train connections in the coming years.


Part of that money goes to investments in the train network in neighboring countries such as France. Every day, 220,000 people from neighboring countries come to Luxembourg to work there. The country wants to prevent them by car from crossing the border and taking public transport there. Good train connections and cheaper international rates should encourage them to leave the car at home.

Those who want to travel in first class by public transport still pay 3 euros per trip. Some night buses also remain charged.


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