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Luxury penthouse: an insight into New Zealand’s most expensive apartment

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The Pacifica Super Penthouse is located on the top two floors of New Zealand’s tallest residential building – and is now for sale for $ 24 million.

With its price, the penthouse is the most expensive single-family apartment that has ever existed in New Zealand, as Bloomberg reports. It beats a seven-bedroom home that was sold in 2013 for $ 23.6 million, the business portal said.

Jason Gaddes and Scarlett Wood from Sotheby’s International Reality are responsible for the real estate ad. If you buy the apartment, you have the option of designing the penthouse yourself. The interior design can also be left to the owners of the high-rise building.

Here you get an insight into the Pacifica Super Penthouse, which rises above the clouds and offers a view of Auckland’s natural harbor.

This penthouse is the most expensive apartment in New Zealand and is now for sale


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