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‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ gets a first trailer: focus on Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman

Will be published in December Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom on Netflix. The film is about Ma Rainey (Viola Davis), who is also called the “Mother of the Blues” is called. She and her aspiring trumpet player Levee (Chadwick Boseman) are the focus of a brand new trailer that Netflix just unleashed on the world.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom got its first trailer. Netflix had also released posters and a few images on the world before. But now for the first time we get to see Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman really working as blues musicians in the 1920s.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom tells the story of “Mother of the BluesMa Rainey. His name is actually Gertrude Rainey. None other than Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis will play the role of the legend. In the film, we get to see Ma Rainey fighting with her white producer for control over the recording of her album.

She is assisted by a host of musicians. One of them is the ambitious trumpet player Levee. He is played by the now deceased Chadwick Boseman. Those two characters are the focus of the trailer that Netflix just released into the world.

Watch the trailer here:

Chadwick Boseman

Actor Chadwick Boseman passed away in August at the age of 43. He had been fighting colon cancer for four years, and kept it a secret all along. Between chemo sessions and surgeries, he was on set, accompanied by a whole horde of people.

“I look back on how tired he always seemed,” said Viola Davis earlier. “I watched his beautiful, incredible team who were always meditating around him and massaging him. And only now do I realize that they wanted to do everything they could to keep him going and let him work at his optimal level. And that succeeded. “


Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom will be released in limited cinemas in November. Only then can the film qualify for an Oscar. A lot of people expect that it will receive several nominations. There is even talk of a posthumous victory for Chadwick Boseman.

On December 18 Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom on Netflix.


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