Maaike from destroyed Primera deposits collected money in emergency funds for other entrepreneurs

During the conversation the tears come again. After the Neuféglise store in Den Bosch was completely looted by rioters on Monday evening, the damage is extensive. “Blood on the wall, glass everywhere, everything broken, we don’t even know where to start.”

She is insured, but the insurance only covers the current market value. The enormous success of a crowdfunding campaign set up by the weblog GeenStijl took her by surprise, but the money is welcome. In a day and a half, 117,000 euros was raised, much more than Neuféglise needs.

“We get all the attention of the media, but there are also other entrepreneurs in the center of Bossche who have suffered damage. They have not been looted, but have broken windows, for example. And not everyone is compensated for the damage caused by the insurance. If you have put the wrong check mark on a particular box, you are not insured against riots. “

100 bunches of flowers

She wants to help her fellow entrepreneurs. Today she already delivered flowers. “I got 100 bunches, I don’t have that much room in the house.” And financial aid is arriving for them.

“There will be a fund or a foundation, we still have to see how we are going to put that in place. I get a lot of emails from people who want to manage my money, but I don’t know those people and I don’t know whether they can be trusted. But GeenStijl is going to find someone for me to manage the money. Duped entrepreneurs can submit an application there, first from the Bossche city center and if there is still money, possibly outside it. “

Through reserves

The Primera is a corporation, all owners are independent entrepreneurs. “We already had a very difficult time through the first and second lockdown. Few people came into the city center at the first lockdown. We have completely exhausted our reserves, so I have no savings to pay for the damage myself.”

Tons of damage

At the Primera you can buy magazines, lottery tickets, stamps, ink cartridges, batteries and greeting cards. “Some people think there is hardly any damage. How much do those few magazines and lighters cost now. But it is a ton of damage. For example, the tables in the store are broken, the legs are dislocated. Such a table costs 2000 euro. “

Suppliers want to help her and offer new stock for free. And she also receives money from the insurance, although it looks at the current market value. “There must be a new camera system and a different alarm system, everything must be painted and there are new racks.”

Fair share

She does not yet know how much money from the crowdfunding campaign she will need. “But now it is already clear that money is left. There will be a fair distribution. Entrepreneurs must demonstrate how much damage they have, which is not compensated.”

The money received is now in a GeenStijl bank account. In some cases, tax must be paid on crowdfunding campaigns, the tax authorities see it as business assets, according to accountants. A donation is subject to 30 to 40 percent gift tax, unless it concerns a charity with a special status.


Tax rules for crowdfunding are very complicated, according to various accountants who spoke to RTL Z. “Tax may be payable on the donation, but what type of tax and (therefore) how much depends on how the crowdfunding is set up, how Maaike’s corporate structure is designed and to whom is paid (the company or Maaike as a private person)”, says DRV Accountants & Adviseurs, for example.

Crowdfunding comes in many forms and variations, all of which can have different tax consequences, says the tax authorities, which could not comment on the specific case of Maaike Neuféglise on Wednesday.


“I am glad that GeenStijl is looking for people who understand it”, she says. “Without the action and all the mental support, I wouldn’t have known how to rebuild the store anyway. This is really overwhelming, but I’m very grateful.

Bart Nijman of GeenStijl says that the legal form in which the donated money is donated is still being examined. “We will take a look at things when the dust has settled.”

Compensation fund

It is unclear whether it is really necessary for entrepreneurs to appeal to the foundation or the emergency fund of Maaike Neuféglise. Uninsured retailers who have been damaged by the riots of recent days can appeal to the Violent Crimes Compensation Fund, Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra announced Wednesday afternoon.


Insured entrepreneurs can turn to their insurer for compensation for the havoc wrought by looters and rioters. The cabinet has discussed this with De Nederlandsche Bank and insurers. Hoekstra expects that this will cover the entire damage.

“The vast majority of the entrepreneurs are insured and thus help”, says the minister. According to DNB, the damage caused falls under ‘minor acts of war’, which means that insurers can pay out.

The small group of entrepreneurs who are not insured can count on compensation from the damage fund. Hoekstra: “I assume that this will enable us to absorb the full damage done to entrepreneurs by the wheel turners.”


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