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Maan helps Daan to let go

The eleventh (!) Season of The voice of Holland is already in full swing and is watched well every week. New this year are The Voice of Holland Breakfast Sessions in which former winner Maan gives four talents a final push to further develop their singing talent. Maan gives tips to keep their nerves under control, move more smoothly on stage or write your own songs.

Morning …

These sessions with Moon take place in the early morning, as it has been scientifically proven that we are most productive in the first two hours of the day. The time to learn something new and to work on yourself. But only after a nutritious and healthy breakfast of course.

This is Daan

In the first episode we get to know Daan van Hasselaar (stage name Daniel Marin). Daan is 20 years old and lives in Wageningen. “According to my parents, I’ve been singing since I could talk, and that’s still what I prefer to do.”

He took a lot of singing lessons and was even accepted for the conservatory. “After a year I decided to stop, because I want to divide my own time more.” He is now studying Plant Science and is also doing as much as possible with music. “I post a new cover every week on my own YouTube channel and want to release an EP with my own songs in September of this year.”

Loose on the stage

The reason that Daan takes part in the Breakfast Sessions is because he finds it difficult to perform in a relaxed and confident manner. “I often feel a bit lanky when I’m on stage, and I’m very aware of my body and movements.” Daan is jealous of how Maan dares to go wild for the public and would love to learn this himself. “But it shouldn’t be an act, I do want to be myself.” You can see whether he succeeds in this in the TVOH Breakfast Sessions.

Watch the first episode of the TVOH Breakfast Sessions here:


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