Madhouse at hairdressers: customers want to make an appointment quickly

“It’s crazy on the phone,” says Marcel Arp, the owner of Arp Haarmode in Meppel. “People are uncertain about the measures that will be announced by the cabinet on Friday evening.”

Not surprising, given the experience of the previous lockdowns, when hairdressers had to close for a few weeks and customers were forced to wait for a while until they could make an appointment again.

Bring an appointment forward

Customers who had an appointment for next week, for example, would like to bring it forward, adds Edina Skrijelj, owner of Kapsalon Edwin in Sittard. “The phone has been ringing almost continuously for us the last few days.”

“We are always fairly busy, but today and tomorrow we are just completely full,” said Roos, an employee of hairdresser Sjenkels in Haarlem.

More staff, open earlier

Hairdressers will try to cut as many customers as possible in the coming days. “Employees who would otherwise be released today or tomorrow will still work,” says Skrijelj. “We start today, Friday and Saturday even two hours earlier, already at 7 am,” Arp adds.

He is also insecure. Arp fears that new measures will be introduced, but will they take effect immediately on Friday evening, or only on Monday, for example? In the latter case, he is thinking of opening on Sundays as well. It is normally closed.

Home hairdresser as a competitor

“It was already busier anyway, because we are no longer allowed to open in the evening and have to close the doors at 6 p.m., so that customers who would otherwise come on shopping evenings now have to make an appointment during the day,” he says.

But now it is even busier. It is both women and men who quickly try to see if there is still a place for them, according to Arp.

We try to have as many customers as possible come by, says Roos of hairdresser Sjenkels. The same applies to Skrijelj: “We are afraid that people will go to a home hairdresser differently. It is annoying that we now have to close at 6 pm, last time we cut until 00.00 am,” she says.

‘Almost starting to get used to’

“We hope we can stay open, we stick to the rules, we can’t do more,” Roos says resignedly. “Well, you’re almost getting used to it,” said Arp.

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