Madness at the stock market about electric car makers. What’s going on?

The fact that (starting with) investing is popular is shown by the number of players who have already registered for the RTL Z Beursspel. More than 9,000 investors have already put together an investment portfolio. Are you already playing?

In this broadcast, Jim Tehupuring kicks off with striking stock market news. This week it is the stock market madness about electric car manufacturers. We know Tesla, but Rivian? The latter has been introduced on the stock exchange since last week and the value of a share has already doubled. How can that be explained for an automaker that has only just entered the automotive sector and has only let a few hundred cars roll off the production line?

Also in this episode: Jim’s 10 Commandments, rules for beginning investors. Willem Middelkoop explains Willem’s Law, a strategy on how to put together a crisis-proof portfolio. And Durk Veenstra discusses the risks of investing.

You can register for the RTL Z Beursspel here.

Registration and participation is possible during the entire playing period from Monday 1 November to Friday 10 December. After the RTL Z Beursspel your portfolio remains accessible, so that you can continue to practice investing after that time.

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