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Mads Mikkelsen added to cast fifth Indiana Jones movie | Movie

Mikkelsen became known for roles in the Bond film Casino Royale, the Star Wars movie Rogue One and the series Hannibal. The actor recently played the lead role in the Dutch-Danish co-production Pressure, about four teachers who from now on decide to stand in front of the class drunk. The tragicomedy is the big favorite for the Oscar for best foreign film at the end of April.

The production of the new Indiana Jonesmovie has to start this summer. Steven Spielberg, who directed the first four parts, passes the baton to James Mangold. Spielberg is involved in the film as a producer. John Williams is once again responsible for the music.

For 78-year-old Harrison Ford, it will be his last trick as Indiana Jones. A return of Indiana Jones, but for various reasons, the film kept getting delayed. Ford last played the role of the adventurous archaeologist in 2008. The fourth film was a disappointment to many fans.


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