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Mads Mikkelsen denies replacing Johnny Depp in ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’

It looks like Mads Mikkelsen won’t be replacing Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3. Those rumors spread after Warner Bros. announced that the partnership with Depp would be discontinued. But “they are just rumors”, Mikkelsen says.

In the film of the Fantastic Beastsfranchise, Johnny Depp will no longer be seen as villain Gellert Grindelwald. That’s because the actor has been at the center of several lawsuits in recent months. These include a case against the British tabloid The Sun, and a case against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp and Fantastic Beasts 3

Johnny Depp is so busy that he had to ask the court to move a case so that he would have time to Fantastic Beasts 3 to record. That delay is no longer necessary, because Warner Bros. has decided to end the collaboration with the actor. Thanks to his contract, the actor will receive his full wages.

The studio has given two reasons for the dismissal. Firstly, they want to avoid further postponement (due to lawsuits) as much as possible. In addition, Johnny Depp’s image has been seriously damaged by the verdict in the case against Heard. And a bad image can make Warner Bros. miss as a toothache. Especially when it comes to Fantastic Beasts 3 goes.

Replacement Mads Mikkelsen?

From the moment Johnny Depp announced that he would not be Gellert Grindelwald again, the rumor mill started to spin happily. One of the names that made the rounds was Mads Mikkelsen.

It was Fantastic Beasts 3director David Yates himself who came out with the news that he wanted to do everything he could to bring in Mikkelsen. Several sources even confirmed that talks were already underway.

But that is of no use, it now sounds with Mads Mikkelsen. “That’s just a rumor,” he said during an interview with entertainment website IGN. “I know only as much as what can be read in the newspapers. So I’m still waiting for that phone call myself. ”


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