Magenta Mobil Prepaid: Starting today, more data volume and further improvements

Telekom is now offering new Magenta Mobil prepaid tariffs. With more data volume, full telephony and SMS flat rate and 5G.

Deutsche Telekom has its new Magenta Mobil prepaid tariffs today


The prices mostly remain unchanged compared to the previous tariffs, but the data volume increases in the three tariffs M, L and XL. Tariff S even includes a monthly data volume for the first time – but the price increases.

From the

May 17, 2022

these new Magenta Mobil prepaid tariffs apply:

  • MagentaMobil Prepaid S: 500 MB for EUR 4.95 (previous price: EUR 2.95) / 28 days (previously: no volume included)

  • MagentaMobil Prepaid M: 3 GB for EUR 9.95 / 28 days (previously: 2 GB included volume)

  • MagentaMobil Prepaid L: 5 GB for EUR 14.95 / 28 days (previously: 3 GB included volume)

  • MagentaMobil Prepaid XL: 7 GB for EUR 24.95 / 28 days (previously: 5 GB included volume)

In the prepaid tariffs M, L and XL, customers can also make free calls and texts from May 17th to all German networks including the fixed network. So far, the telephony and SMS flat rate for the S, M and L tariffs only applied to the Telekom mobile network.

The new Magenta Mobil prepaid tariffs.


The new Magenta Mobil prepaid tariffs.

© Deutsche Telekom

The use of the 5G mobile network is also included in the prepaid tariffs M, L and XL from May 17th. Previously, customers had to pay an extra three euros per 28 days to use the 5G network (except for MagentaMobil Prepaid Max, which already includes 5G use). The S tariff, on the other hand, still does not include 5G use.

According to Telekom, the MagentaMobil Prepaid Max with 5G use and telephone and SMS flat rate in all German networks will remain unchanged with unlimited data volume throughout Germany. With a four-week billing period, it costs EUR 99.95.

You pay a one-time fee of 9.95 euros for the SIM cards in all prepaid tariffs.

Existing customers of the prepaid tariffs can switch to the new tariffs.

5G annual plan: 36 GB of data

The MagentaMobil prepaid 5G annual plan now has 36 GB instead of the previous 24 GB. This gives customers 3 GB per month for mobile surfing in the 5G network. Even with the 5G annual tariff, users can surf and text unlimitedly in all German networks, including the fixed network. The price remains unchanged at EUR 99.95.

Those who already use the MagentaMobil prepaid 5G annual tariff also benefit from the tariff upgrade – automatically and without further action.

MagentaEINS: Get an additional 1 GB data volume

Telekom customers who also have an IP broadband contract (from EUR 29.95/month) with Telekom receive an additional data volume of 1 GB every four weeks or monthly in the 5G annual tariff starting with Magenta Mobil Prepaid M.

The new MagentaMobil prepaid tariffs will be in the T-Shop from May 17,

online at,

can be booked in customer service and in retail. The same applies to existing customers who want to switch to the new tariffs.

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