Magic: The Gathering card sold for a record $ 421,000

There are apparently other ways to make money outside of that Wall Street pinball machine. An ultra-rare Black Lotus card sold for this week more than 400,000 euros.

The Black Lotus is the holy grail of Magic: The Gathering. An ultimate wet dream of any collector who plays the popular card game. The card is an infamous member of the game’s very first print in 1993, called the Alpha set.

Wizards of the Coast, the American company behind the game, only reprinted the map twice. There was never a circulation again and according to Wizards it will remain so. The company is also behind the celebrated role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons.

Completely broken

That is not the only reason why the map is so sought after. Black Lotus is totally ‘broken‘. This means that the card has the ability to completely take over any party it is in. In other words, the card ‘breaks’ the game. This combination of extraordinary power and extreme rarity is the reason behind the high price tag.

YouTubers go crazy when they pull the fabulous Black Lotus from a pack of cards.

Wizards quickly dumped the card on their ‘reserve list‘, a kind of corner for naughty cards that are no longer allowed to see the light of day. But it is too late to take back the mistake made. Collectors are frantically searching for the very last prints of the map.

Signature of the draftsman

The Black Lotus that went bankrupt this week was even rarer. The card was signed by Christopher Rush, the artist behind the original Black Lotus. As a result, the price on the online auction skyrocketed to astronomical peaks. Fans often have their cards signed by the artists at conventions.

The previous record sales of a Black Lotus amounted to around 140,000 euros in 2019. Perhaps check in the garage to see if you still have old Magic cards?

If you want to know more about the map, we have another tip: The YouTuber Rhystic Studies made a real documentary about the history of the map:


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