Maglam Lord: The next trailer shortly before the start of Japan

After the character introductions Maglam Lord there is now a regular trailer for the action RPG again. In Japan, the release is imminent on March 18, 2021 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Localization has not yet been announced. Maglam Lord is all about creating swords. The gameplay should go in the direction of hack ‘n’ slash.

Gods and demons

Maglam Lord is set in a world in which gods fight against demons for supremacy. However, with the mighty demon lord of swords, Killizzark, an even greater evil soon emerges, which is defeated by gods and demons together. After the defeat, Killizzark is weakened and is declared an Endangered Species by the government and is now under their protection. Players now slip into the role of Killizzark.

Heroes, the actual opponents of the demon lords, are also threatened with extinction. Normally, heroes would have to fight demon lords and defeat them for glory and honor, but for some reason the demon lord Killizzark allies with the heroes Darius and his older sister Charm. This partnership is therefore a great mystery. Maybe marriage is even possible?

The third trailer for Maglam Lord

Images: Maglam Lord, D3 Publisher, Felistella


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