Major concerns among employers about overcrowded power grid: ‘Hinders the economy’

The reason for the appeal from the lobby clubs a few days before Prinsjesdag is the capacity shortage on the power grid in North Holland, where companies are on a waiting list from network manager Liander for a new power connection. But administrators in other parts of the country also face bottlenecks.

Capacity shortage

“We have great concerns about network capacity,” write the two employers’ associations, which state that the capacity shortage must be tackled quickly by the new cabinet in collaboration with the business community. “The inadequate grid capacity hinders the economy, the energy transition and, for example, solving the housing shortage.”

According to the employers, there is currently a great lack of space on the network, which should also be strengthened more quickly. This would require special officials to be appointed who can issue permits more quickly, and more people must be trained ‘urgently’. “We now have to solve this problem with unconventional means and speed things up.”

‘Consumer awaits the same fate’

On Thursday it turned out that the electricity grid in large parts of North Holland is at maximum capacity. Due to the load on the power grid, there is no room for new large consumers of electricity in twelve municipalities around Alkmaar. If nothing changes, consumers will suffer the same fate, Liander warned in June.

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