Major malfunction chat service Slack resolved after more than 5 hours

On the sites Downdetector and AlleStoringen, thousands of Slack users reported technical problems with the chat service since 4 o’clock Monday afternoon. According to Slack’s status page, there were problems loading messages and the popular service’s connections. Notifications from Slack sometimes still came in, but the messages could not be opened afterwards.

Slack reported at a quarter past nine that the biggest problems had now been solved. Only some email notifications of new messages and the integration with the calendars of Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar do not work yet. Slack promises to fix that in the next few hours.

Internal chat channels

Slack is used by many companies as an internal chat service. Employees can talk to each other in channels that can be created per topic.

Acquisition by Salesforce

In early December, it was announced that Slack will be acquired by Salesforce.

Slack has more than 12 million daily active users and more than 750,000 organizations are active on the chat service.


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