Major strike academic hospitals | The Netherlands not yet ready for a new pandemic | And finally blockbuster premiere

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The Netherlands is not yet ready for a new pandemic. For example, our country is too dependent on suppliers from East Asia for the supply of healthcare products. Local production needs to be considered. The crisis structure must also be improved and better protocols must be developed.

Speaking of healthcare… Did you have an appointment at a teaching hospital from? Then it has probably been postponed. Thousands of employees of the university medical centers in Amsterdam, Leiden, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen and Maastricht will stop working for 24 hours. You can only go there for emergency care. The employees want, among other things, a higher wage.

Researchers from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) present their annual survey of the state of the Dutch economy. The organization from Washington comes with a new estimate of economic growth and provides policy advice.

A nice day for cinema owners. After the screening of several blockbusters this and last year was postponed due to the corona virus, one is now finally premiering. The latest James Bond film No Time To Die is supposed to cause jingling cash registers. The cards cannot be dragged.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday: Anyone who went out in Breda last Saturday did not have to have a QR code scanned at every pub. Instead, you could get a wristband on presentation of your corona certificate, which you could use to enter any bar. “We’re getting calls from other cities that want this too.”

We think you should also read this: CEO Michiel Witteveen of Mirage Retail Group, the parent company of Blokker and Intertoys, among others, will step down as CEO on 1 February. He considers himself too old in view of the impending IPO.

And this you may have missed last night: We have to wait a month longer before we know what we will have to pay for our health insurance next year. According to insurer DSW, which is traditionally the first, there is still no information about the corona costs incurred in 2021 that hospitals must provide. But the premium goes up anyway.

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PS To make hybrid work a success, you have to determine together with your team how and where you want to work post-corona. Trust is essential in this. Managers must become leaders, inspire and above all let go, says Hidde de Vries.

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