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Make iced latte yourself: accessories, recipe and instructions

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Summer is here, which means that now is the perfect time for cold coffee drinks. Because in the hot months of the year, tea or coffee is simply replaced by iced tea and iced coffee. So that you don’t have to queue at Starbucks and Co. all summer, we will show you how you can easily make your favorite drink yourself. How it works at home, what you need for it and the step-by-step instructions for Iced Latte can be found in this article.

You need this if you want to make iced latte yourself

To make the iced latte work at home as well as in your favorite café, you need some ingredients and aids:

Before you can start preparing it, you should make sure that you have enough ice cubes on hand. You can prepare them in the freezer one night beforehand. The MS Point * ice cube machine is suitable for everyone who also likes to spontaneously enjoy their iced latte or who wants to make one for the whole family. Here you can choose between two different sizes and have the first load of ice cubes in 6 to 13 minutes.

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Ice cube machine from MS Point – 114.90 euros at Amazon *

Depending on the size of the ice cubes, pour a good handful into your iced latte glass *. Next, add almost 180 milliliters of milk. In addition to cow’s milk, you can also use vegan milk alternatives. For example, we use Oatly * oat milk. If you like your iced latte a little sweeter, you can add a dash of caramel syrup. It tastes particularly good when combined with oat milk.

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Caramel syrup in a dosage bottle (700 milliliters) from Monin – 12.98 euros at Amazon *

Now one crucial ingredient is missing: the coffee.

For an iced latte you need a double espresso. For this you need an espresso machine and almost 16 grams of ground coffee. We use the De’Longhi * portafilter machine. With it, the espresso becomes particularly creamy and gets the sufficient strength. Simply put the coffee powder in the portafilter and press everything firmly into place.

Tip: Before you put the portafilter under the machine, let it run through briefly. This way you can make sure that the machine is warm enough. Warms up the collecting glass briefly because the crema lasts longer in a warm glass.

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Dedica Style EC 685.R portafilter machine from De’Longhi – 154.93 euros at Amazon *

If you don’t like your iced latte that much, you can use a single espresso instead of a double espresso. At the end you add it to the milk in the glass.

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Now only the glass of straw is missing *. Stir the whole thing well, put your legs up and enjoy.

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